Child Support

Military Issues in Orange County Irvine Family Law Matters

Posted on May 3rd, 2017

OC Family Law DV Veterans Program The Veterans Domestic Violance (DV) Program was created in 2010 to resolve domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) matters in Orange County family court involving veterans with no pre-deployment history of domestic violence. A finding of domestic violence could mean a loss of custody, visitation and employment opportunities for the restrained party. The program offers… READ MORE

How Child Support Works in California: A Complete Guide

Posted on April 12th, 2016

Whenever the support of a minor child is at issue, the Court may order either or both parents to pay any amount necessary for the child’s support. In Orange County, a hearing on the issue of child support is set by the filing of a Request for Order (RFO) by one of the parties, or in some cases, by the… READ MORE

Guide to Request for Order (RFO) Hearings in Orange County

Posted on March 29th, 2016

The February 2016 Shimkus case out of Orange County  holds that family court judges don’t have to consider declarations.  Then how do I prepare for my hearing? What is the judge going to consider?  How do I get “evidence” into Court? These are very real concerns for every litigant that is stepping foot into Court in Orange County.  We can… READ MORE

Orange County Divorce Lawyers: Dealing with Delay Tactics

Posted on October 22nd, 2015

Guide to help speed up the resolution of divorce cases Divorce cases can be extremely quick or excruciatingly long.  Whether a divorce case is resolved within a matter of months or within a matter of years depends on a variety of factors, some of which are in the parties’ control and some not.  A dissolution of marriage case is usually swiftly resolved when… READ MORE

California Divorce Law – Are Frozen Embryos Property or Children?

Posted on August 24th, 2015

Irvine Divorce Specialists – Free Consultations An interesting case popped up recently in the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California.  In this case, Dr. Mimi Lee and Stephen Findley created several embryos when they learned that Lee had cancer. Now the parties are divorcing.  Lee cannot have children and wants the embryos to implant into a surrogate and Findley… READ MORE

Connection Between Child Custody and Child Support in California

Posted on April 6th, 2015

How Child Custody & Visitation Orders Shape Child Support Guidelines Irvine Child Custody Lawyer – Newport Beach Child Support Attorneys (Free Consultations) Many family law and divorce litigants in Orange County, California, make the mistake of negotiating child custody and visitation orders without thinking about the financial implications of doing so. The statutory guidelines in California for the calculation of… READ MORE